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Idiosyncratic dark-skinned Cretan variety making aromatic dry and sweet wines


Liatiko is mostly found on the island of Kriti (Crete), where it originates. It’s name is short for Iouliatiko, meaning of July, in reference to its early ripening. The alternative and less likely etymologies have been proposed for Liatiko: it could be short for iliatiko, meaning “of the sun”.



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Liatiko is a thoroughly Cretan variety, used for both dry and sweet wines. Wines are not deeply coloured and tend to slowly lose of  colour during maturation.
However, the wines have distinct -often floral and delicately spicy- aromas, fresh to moderate acidity and soft tannins and although they show their age, they can age gracefully to produce pale, complex wines, not unlike mature burgundy with a hint  of mature Nebbiolo in their perfume. 

Vigorous, fertile and very productive. Susceptible to downy mildew, viruses and sensitive to drought. Early to mid budding and early ripening. Medium sized compact bunches of medium - sized to large berries.

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Dafnes, Greece


DAFNES Protected Designation of Origin  was established in 1971 and it is the largest of the successive PDO zones  of Crete, Greece.
The vineyards of PDO Dafnes stretch on the southwestern part of the Heraklion district.