Idaia winery

The  facilities of Idaia Winery are  in Venerato, a village located just 18 km from Heraklion, in the wine region of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) Dafnes.

Idaia winery, Crete, Greece
The company "Idaia Winery" was founded in 1998 by the  oenologists Vasilis Laderos  and Calliope Volitaki, and currently owns 2.5 hectares of vineyards.
The vineyards are situated at an altitude of 305 meters and  the white grown  varieties  are Vilana , Thrapsathiri and Vidiano.  Red varieties are  Liatiko, Kotsifali, Mandilari, Grenache Rouge and Syrah.
The company participates in national and international wine competitions,  getting significant wine awards.

 "LIATIKO" is the brand name of the wine of classification "DAFNES PDO".


More information at Idaia Winery website.