Douloufakis DAFNIOS red dry wine

Douloufakis Dáfnios red dry wine

Dafnios will fascinate every restless wine lover who will discover and enjoy this  traditional and rare wine.

Efrosini AUREO red naturally sweet wine

Efrosini Aureo red naturally sweet wine

Naturally sweet dessert wine, from Cretan vineyards which as mentioned  in ancient scriptures were cultivated since the time of Minos, 4000 years ago. The only wine that could travel without being altered.

Idaia LIATIKO red  naturally sweet wine

Idaia Liátiko red  naturally sweet wine


Red naturally sweet wine,  Dafnes P.D.O.

Silva Daskalaki LIASTOS red naturally sweet wine

Silva Daskalaki Liastós red naturally sweet wine

Distinct wine that is produced from the variety Liatiko. Aged for 15 months in oak barrels. It reveals aromas of chocolate and dried fruit.

U.A.C.H.  MAYROLIATIS red dry wine

U.A.C.H.  winery Mayroliátis red dry wine

Red dry wine, Dafnes P.D.O.